About Us

The Suncoast Times is located in the School of Creative Industries at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Our mission is to strive for excellence in the production of carefully researched and well written articles of local and international interest by students.

The University of the Sunshine Coast hosts one of Australia’s most innovative and practical journalism programs. All our journalism staff are experienced industry professionals. They know the world of journalism is changing rapidly. Journalists once specialised in print, radio or television, but technological change has seen the industry move towards a multi-skilled approach. Now journalists must be able to report the same story for more than one medium.

One of our aims in the journalism program is to help our students graduate “work ready” in a range of different media – print, broadcast and online. They should develop high-level practical skills, an ability to think for themselves, and a solid base of general knowledge.
USC Journalism
School of Creative Industries
University of the Sunshine Coast,
Maroochydore DC Qld., Australia 4558
Any questions about the University of the Sunshine Coast should be emailed to: information@usc.edu.au