Deeper love for reborn classic

By Amber-Louise Sleight.

The pressure was on for this remake to live up to “a tale as old as time”, as the original was beloved by a generation. And it delivered

The Beauty & the Beast live action film was released in Australian theatres on March 23. The musical was directed by Bill Condon starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The film was well planned and thoroughly thought out and this much was evident visually.

The sets were extravagant and even though the film relied heavily on computer-generated imagery it still appeared very realistic. The performances were captivating and the characters looked and sounded almost identical to their animated counterparts, truly bringing the story to life.

They used all the original songs along with some new additions.

It was a relief the creators and producers added to the film rather than taking away from the beloved original. They stayed true to the storyline, though also filled in some gaps and added some unique scenes. Characters Maurice and LeFou were given stronger roles rather than just supporting characters and the enchantress was present throughout the film. It was finally revealed what happened to Belle’s mother and the relationship between Gaston and Maurice was explored. The film also developed the Beast’s character further by providing more background into his past and his personality.

There was added comedy throughout the movie which had audience members laughing and Belle’s iconic dress in the ballroom scene was faultless.

With all these positives, it’s hard to find a negative, but there are a few ‘could haves’:

  • It would have been great if Ariana Grande and Elton John’s soundtrack duet was incorporated.
  • They could have delved into the future and what became of life at the castle, even in the credits.

My final rating, opinion and recommendation:

5 stars

I was blown away as this film lived up to the very high expectations I had from seeing all of the previews. This is a must-see film for any Disney fan and I suggest you go with a friend, partner or family member to share in the ooos, ahhhs and revelations.
CHALLENGE: See if you notice the Harry Potter reference at the beginning!

Cinema: Maroochydore Event Cinemas at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast
Date: Sunday 26/03/17

Time: 3pm
Approximated attendance: 95% full

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