Four great foreign films you can watch on streaming services right now 

By Luke Jackson

With most Australians spending their days indoors because of Coronavirus, binging movies and TV shows has been a great way to cure boredom or to de-stress. So, to celebrate the 2020 Academy Award for Best Picture film Parasite being added to streaming service Stan last month, here are four great foreign films you can check out while in lockdown

  1. SNOWPIERCER (2013)
    Directed by Parasite’s Bong Joon-Ho and based on the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, Snowpiercer is a thrilling dystopian sci-fi film that explores class division. Set in a world destroyed by a climate catastrophe, it follows a group of the Earth’s last survivors aboard the titular Snowpiercer, a train travelling around the frozen planet with those at the back living in squalor and those in the front, luxury. With its beautiful set pieces and stand out performances by Chris Evans, Kang-Ho Song and John Hurt, Snowpiercer is a great precursor to Parasite

 Where to watch: Stan

    Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Kiki’s Delivery Service is a Japanese animation film about a 13-year-old witch in training who moves to a new town as part of her village’s tradition. A beautifully paced coming-of-age story, the movie follows Kiki as she struggles to fit in with the new people around her while dealing with her insecurities and self-doubt. A master of his craft, Miyazaki’s animation is some of the best in the world. Easy on the eye and beautifully drawn, Kiki’s Delivery Service is a must watch for the whole family.

Where to Watch: Netflix

  1. RETURN TO THE 36th CHAMBER (1980)
    A fantastic Shaw Brothers film, Return to the 36th Chamber stars Gordon Liu as Chao Jen-Che, a small-time con man who travels to a Shaolin temple to learn Kung-Fu after his friends are attacked by thugs. Considered a classic for its stand-out writing and unique choreography in the form of “scaffolding Kung-Fu”, Return to the 36th Chamber is essential viewing for lovers of cheesy 80’s action movies and Kung-Fu flicks.

Where to watch: Netflix

  1. UN PROPHETE (2009)
    Considered to be one of the best crime dramas of the past decade, Jacques Audiard’s Un Prophete (A Prophet) is a study of the French underworld through the eyes of an outsider. A young Arab, Malik is sent to prison and over time becomes a kingpin in the Corsican drug trade. Nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2009, its brilliant storytelling and fantastic cinematography makes it an intense study of French race relations, criminal politics and the adverse effects prison can have on a young person. A great watch for fans of Martin Scorsese.

 Where to watch: Google Play




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