Full to bursting

Notion – Tash Sultana

Sep 30th 2016 | Label: Independent

Reviewed by Dylan de Jong

Melbourne singer-songwriter Tash Sultana’s debut EP Notion is turning heads with her hit song Jungle coming in at number three in the Triple J 2017 hottest 100.

Notion has a sound so full it makes you question how it’s possible for one person to pull off. Ethereal reggae-esque guitar loops backed by electronic drum loops and even occasional beatboxing all accompany Tash’s silvery voice.

Sultana mixes so many elements through this EP, proving herself to be an extremely talented musician just at the age of 21. For an artist fresh to the scene her style is tight and well developed, as Notion attests.

Although it’s an EP it feels like a full-length record with four studio recorded tracks and two 10-minute live recordings.

Each of her songs are timed incredibly well while she slowly brings in each element with her loop pedals. This allows her to create atmosphere and feeling.

Notion is quite experimental in nature but it is definitely hitting all the marks, it will be interesting to see what Sultana produces beyond this EP.

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