It’s average morphin’ time

By Maddy Major.

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin’ review

The Power Rangers franchise saw its reboot come to the big screen on March 23 after long awaited hype from fans both young and old.

The cast reprised the names of the original ‘Mighty Morphin’ rangers and old Angel Grove was once again the centre of an alien invasion. With Lemonade Mouth star Naomi Scott, Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery and singer Becky G being among the crew of rangers, the cast was diverse. The wise and powerful Zordon was portrayed by none other than Bryan Cranston. Producer Haim Saban told media the film focused on the rangers’ origins and already has planned a six-film story arc – but is it worth it?

For starters the reboot shed the ‘cheesiness’ of its predecessor and instead relied on modern humour. Twenty minutes into the film and audiences have already endured two teenagers, one cow. To give them credit, the actors embraced the personas of the original rangers flawlessly but it was the villain who stole the film. Elizabeth Banks brought a terrifying new look to Rita Repulsa, but her initial appearance very closely resembled that of Enchantress from Suicide Squad.

The filming seemed to drift from one point of view to the next, sometimes taking on a first-person angle used in films like Chronicle. For those uneducated in the world of Power Rangers, the movie rushed a lot of things. The ‘Megazord’ appeared out of nowhere and without prior mention of its existence, despite the previous Red Ranger guiding the team through the whole film. The morph suits all saw upgrades and most notably, aside from the ridiculous muscle tones styled into them, was the absence of skirts on the female rangers. They instead wore matching styled uniforms to their male teammates despite the long history of the identifiable skirts on all female rangers.

Overall, as a standalone the film is pretty good but it failed to live up to its origins. Charms of the old film were lost and at times the scripted humour was cringe worthy.

Throughout the film they made it no secret sequels are set to follow and to anyone who left the cinema before the lights came on, you’ve missed the biggest hint of all.


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