Podcaster wants to remove police stigma


By Frazer Ramsden

There is a negative stigma in Queensland targeted at police, which Sunshine Coast true-crime podcaster Jamie Pultz is aiming to tear down.

According to a survey released this year by the Government, nearly 52 per cent of Queenslanders said they had mixed feelings for our boys in blue.

One third of those also felt that on at least one occasion, police had been rude or unhelpful to them.

Former police officer Jamie Pultz is about to release the Cop That podcast, where he interviews other ex-policemen.

He said he hopes to show “they’re just humans, and we need them”.

In each podcast, Pultz asks each guest to recount something heroic, horrific and hilarious from their time on the job.

Pultz’s debut podcast, Beenham Valley Road (BVR) won the hearts of many late last year when it soared to the top of apple podcasts, charting at number five.

Pultz now has a built-in audience from BVR, which will cross over to his new show, and allow people to hear police officers having a yarn in a relaxed setting.

The calm tone of the podcast will show police officers in a new light, one where they’re doing more than eating donuts and handing out tickets.

Media has an effect on the public’s opinion, so it’s safe to say that Pultz will have an effect on those listening to Cop That.

Cop That will show people that even though police hand out tickets, they also hand out help.

Will you be listening to Cop That?

You can hear more about the podcast in a new interview with Jamie Pultz.

In the interview, Pultz also spoke on his new true-crime podcast, Who Killed Leanne Holland .

He previewed some of the evidence from the Leanne Holland case, and shared what he hopes to accomplish from the show.

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