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Image by Stacey Russell.

Gypsy Stone, the stunning Mooloolaba storefront that showcases local and international designers, is much more then just another fashion boutique.
The brand, started by Lizzie Pennings, now boasts a unique environment where the creative industry is able to explore and discover the raw talent of local designers, photographers, models and more.
Opening her Mooloolaba storefront in mid 2012, Lizzy said she wanted to create a place where unknown people could break in to the fashion industry.

Image by Stacey Russell

“I’m a huge supporter of unknown people who are trying to get themselves out there and that includes every single aspect of the creative industry,” she said.
“To make something in the fashion industry work, there are a lot of people who go behind it, not just the artist. Someone may say they love the dress but behind that photograph of that dress was a makeup artist, a creative director, a photographer, the designer, the hairdresser. Everyone worked together to make someone notice that item of clothing and everyone deserves credit.”
The beautiful 28-year-old, who has a background in photography and fashion retail, combines the drive and passion of a business professional with the genuine care and a desire to make a difference.
She said the most important thing for her is helping other people.

Image by Stacey Russell.

“Ultimately I want everything I do in my life and my career to be about helping people and inspiring people.” Lizzy said.
“There’s so much bad living in the fashion industry…Gypsy Stone will always be about being beautiful and living a healthy lifestyle.”
Lizzy recognized a hole in the Sunshine Coast fashion industry where local talent could be discovered and has created a brand with credibility that would welcome new talent onto the fashion scene.
Hosting well known designers such as RubyLoveJoy, Shanti Butterfly, Goddess of Babylon, Spell Byron and many more, Gypsy Stone stocks products made from all natural materials and the stunning designs display incredible quality and care. The Brisbane Road store is only the beginning for the Gypsy Stone brand with website development, more storefronts and a creative warehouse in the works.

More information on Gypsy Stone visit:
instagram @gypsy_stone

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