Community spirit alive and well thanks to the Buderim Foundation

By Susan Ross

A new community recipe book for the Buderim Foundation is currently underway in celebration of the foundation’s 10th anniversary.

The recipe book is due to be released in September 2014, and will follow closely the philosophies and goals of the Buderim Foundation to promote healthy living and strong community growth.

The idea for the recipe book came from nine members of the Buderim Foundation, who together set out to publicise the work of the organisation through the book.

Buderim Foundation member and author Jennifer Cant said that the book had a strong emphasis on people coming together to share.

“We have focused the book strongly around bringing the community of Buderim together by integrating recipes and stories contributed by the people of Buderim,” Mrs Cant said.

Mrs Cant said the inspiration for the recipe book had come from two previous successful books: The Flavours of Buderim, and A Table in Buderim, written by a group of friends to raise money for different causes.

“The last two books which we first published raised over $200,000 together, and we are hoping that this one will be even more successful yet,” Mrs Cant said.

The members of the production team are seeking contributions in the form of recipes, photographs, community interest bits as well as historical content which can be incorporated into the book.

Author and graphic designer for the book, Mariet Pruim, said the book committee was looking for Buderim locals to contribute something to the publication to increase community spirit.

“When someone puts the effort in to send a recipe or write an introduction for the book, we will acknowledge that by trying to include their entries,” Mrs Pruim said.

Mrs Cant said the recipe book would be pre-sold as much as possible before the release to help pay for the costs.

“We plan to sell the book to the ambassadors of the Buderim Foundation and the people who have contributed with recipes. Hopefully it will become a souvenir from Buderim for visitors and tourists as well,” Mrs Cant said.

The money raised by the new recipe book will be donated to the Buderim Foundation where it will then be awarded as grants to be given back to Buderim community groups.

The Buderim Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which was launched on April 6, 2004.

Since the,n it has raised more than $720,000 in donations, bequests and fund-raising, which has been carefully invested to generate income to provide grants for the community.

The organisation is made up of people from all professions living in Buderim who volunteer their services and skills.

Each year the Buderim Foundation awards groups within the postcode of 4556 grants to help with community-based projects.

The book launch will be held at the Buderim Foundation’s ‘Good News Night’, held yearly at the Buderim Memorial Hall.

All community members are welcome to attend to help celebrate the launch of the book and the 10th anniversary of the Buderim Foundation.

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