DIY Russian coffee store a big hit

The Greggs serve their coffee with a dash of rich, Russian culture.

Pete and Kate opened up the doors to Izba Espresso in February this year, and is a one-of-a-kind for the Coast.

The trendy take-away coffee business operates out of a refurbished shipping crate in an otherwise vacant block along Nicklin Way in Currimundi.

“The idea of operating out of a container isn’t new,” Mr Gregg said.

What made this business unique is the design, which is based on a form of Russian folk art called Khokhloma.

“This style of artwork and painting is from a small town in Russia… it is hand-painted timber, lacquered sugar bowls… babushka dolls,” Mr Gregg said.

Mrs Gregg, who grew up in Moscow, Russia, chose all the colours and designs, while Mr Gregg did most of the physical labour.

“We pretty much did the whole thing ourselves in four months,” Mr Gregg said.

The couple, who are both in their late twenties, heard about the idea from a friend, and after doing some research, they hit the ground running.

Mr Gregg said Izba Espresso was open early every day and pulled great business from local workers, business owners and people driving by.

“We are ready to serve coffee at 6am… there’s a lot of people who rely on that,” he said

“At ten past six every day we get one gentleman, Gary, for a large flat white.”

The Fonzie Abbott coffee beans used from Brisbane fill a need for more good coffee on the Sunshine Coast, they both agreed.

The pair moved back to Mr Gregg’s home on the Sunshine Coast to marry in 2011, after meeting in China on a language exchange program.

Mr Gregg said that meeting place might even become inspiration for another boat-rocking business further down the track.

“We have something mind, involving specific Chinese cultural food…dumplings and noodles,” Mr Gregg said.

But for now the Greggs are happy being their own boss every day, and drinking lots of good coffee.

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