Why the Sunshine Coast should be on your radar this winter

By Maddison Mulvany.

Here are five solid reasons why the Sunshine Coast is the place to be in the cooler months.


Take a hike

The Sunshine Coast, possibly best known for its oceanfront, also is bordered by mountains. The Glass House Mountains stretch across the hinterland, with 11 mountains that originated from volcanic rocks 26 million years ago. Feel like challenging yourself? The highest is Mount Beerwah, which stretches 556m above sea level. If you make it to the top, you’ll be in awe of the views of the hinterland, northern Brisbane and the sea.

You haven’t really seen the Sunshine Coast if you haven’t climbed Mount Coolum. This mountain grounds itself in between Maroochydore and Coolum Beach. This is one of the most popular mountains to climb, with over 200 climbers each day of the year. Try making it for sunrise or sunset to watch the sun it its entry or exit shows. The views are second to none.



The name pretty much speaks for itself: the Sunshine Coast. If you’re looking to escape winter’s cold weather, then this is the place for you. If the sun is shining, Sunshine Coasters are outside. It’s never too cold to want to stay inside and the natural, outdoor world beckons.

If you must wear ugg boots, jumpers and trackies, head to a little taste of colder weather in the hinterland.

But for the most part, just be sure to pack sunscreen, hats and your favourite sunglasses – and save your jumper for those chilly nights.


Endless beaches

Noosa’s Main Beach

The Coast is blessed with breathtaking beaches along 70km of coastline.

The Noosa National Park is home to several secluded beaches, tucked in the pockets of Noosa’s most eastern points. These beaches entail some of the clearest crystal blue water and white sand below natural forestry. The walk takes around one hour to get to the most southern point (Hell’s Gates).  Each beach you stop at will feel like its own island.

Not in Noosa? No worries. The beaches from Coolum to Caloundra are also pretty.

If surfing is your thing, then this stretch is for you, with the best of the swell.

But if you just want to enjoy the scenery and take a dip, the Sunshine Coast’s more popular beaches are patrolled every day of the year. Just always remember to stick between the red and yellow flags.


Surf in your boardies

Busting to go surfing or swimming but dreading purchasing that $300 wetsuit to keep you warm? Forget it.

Unless it is raining, you will never go to the beach here and not see someone soaking up the sun in their bikinis.

Locals all swim in their summer wear, because the minimum ocean temperature in winter is 20 degrees. It is often warmer in the water than it is out.


Love thy neighbour

Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach are only a 90 minute drive north from Noosa. There, adventurers can camp on secluded spots along one of the most eye-catching coastlines in Australia. It is also home to Wolf Rock, which was rated in the top 10 diving spots in Australia.

The area also features the best left-hand breaks in South East Queensland (a surfers’ secret).

It’s quiet, relaxing and the perfect spot to spend with your kids, partner or friends who love to surf or four-wheel-drive.





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