Bribie Island’s almost untouched paradise

By Shandyn Lameree

The Sunshine Coast in Queensland is known for its beautiful beaches but even after living here for over eight years finding new little beach spots still gives me a thrill.

One night while planning our next family adventure, my husband, an avid fisherman in local waters, said he had just the place to take us. The following day, I stepped off our tinny into crystal clear waters, white sand and lush green trees, and the best part was there was not a soul nearby.

About a 10-minute boat ride from Golden Beach boat ramp lies a little piece of paradise that is nearly untouched. The tip of Bribie Island can be seen from Kings to Golden Beach but not many venture out to it. The island blocks any treacherous winds, meaning the water is calm and the perfect place for young children to splash about.

A quick walk through the trees will take you to the main strip of beach on Bribie Island where you will find the WWII posts that helped protect Australia. Not only can you visit some of Australia’s history, but there is also plenty of wildlife to watch or catch. The little bay is crawling with bream, whiting and flathead. So if you’re handy with a rod, you just might catch that night’s dinner too.

If you are looking to social distance, this is your spot, as it’s only accessible by boat or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, kayak or stand up paddleboard. If you don’t have your own boat, you can pick one up from Bill’s Boat Hire in Golden Beach.

The best time to go is low tide where you can sit on the exposed sandbanks.

Pack a picnic, your sunscreen and make a day of it. We spent the day swimming, picnicking, fishing and exploring and honestly since we got home I’ve been dreaming of the white sandy beaches and calm clear waters ever since.

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