Colours from within

By Tayla Larsen

James Norquay can’t see the world around him, but with a brush in his hand he is free to create his own. Gliding the calming yet vibrant colours across his canvas, James expresses how sees the world. His previous works include numerous landscapes, wildlife and his favourite, a self-portrait.

With only 2 per cent vision it’s remarkable to see the amount of intricate detail he puts into his art. Surprisingly James doesn’t use any special tools to help him paint, he simply gets up close and personal with his canvases. As he can’t see the entire piece he must paint section by section only using a pencilled horizon line as a guide.

Positioning the paint palette closely to his face allows him to see the rich colours, they are just blurred. And he recognises his different paintbrushes with a small touch from his hands. Currently James is in remission from the brain cancer he was diagnosed with at just age 11. It’s an ongoing process full of medication and constant monitoring, but he isn’t letting that deter him from his love of painting.

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