‘Douth’ is WA locals’ most-loved region

By Hannah Turner

Anyone who has spent time in Western Australia will know that “down south” (aka douth) is adored by all locals. You only need to drive an hour south of the city to start to come across quaint beach towns, forests of towering Karri trees, farming communities, vineyards and caves. The famous spots Lucky Bay, where kangaroos jump on pristine white sand, Margaret River, where you’ll always find surfers who are easy on the eye, and the Pink Lake in Esperance are worth a visit but so is a more unknown little town, Dunsborough.

For three months of the year Dunsborough glistens under the summer sunshine, attracting not only Perth locals but also farming families from across the state. The highlight of the region is Eagle Bay. Buying a property here would leave you heavily in debt and it’s not hard to see why. The sand is snowy white, the small waves crash over rock formations that are home to colourful fish you can watch from above as the water is so clear. The brewery on the hill overlooks the entire beach, which is almost always empty.

The spot is 258km south-west of the city the town around a three-hour drive away from Perth. Picture: Google maps


If food is your thing then the local bakery is known to all WA locals. Tas’s bakery sells out of everything by lunch time and the pink vanilla slices sell out first. The town is surrounded by vineyards where there are endless places to wine taste and the chocolate factory will have you sneaking as many testers of creamy milk chocolate as you can possibly eat. A trip to Dunsborough is also never complete without an ice-cream from the udderrly famous Simmos.

The bars within the centre of the town are award winning, using local produce from farms nearby, and their food is drool worthy. A trip to Dunsborough done right will leave you 5kg heavier.

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