Enjoying your hobbies on the Sunshine Coast

By Phoebe Broad 

Join us as we take the Glass House Mountains drive (Tourist Drive 24). Video by Viktor Berg

The Sunshine Coast has endless opportunities for locals and tourists alike to spend a day doing the things they love most. Navigating the Coast can seem overwhelming, but with an open mind and access to a car, the Sunshine Coast has an adventure in store for you – no matter where your interests lie!

Map by: Lacee-Ann Froeschl

If you’re an animal lover

Breeding Cow ‘Rosie’ enjoys the Maleny sun. Photo by Phoebe Broad.

Maleny Dairies – 70 McCarthy Rd, Maleny, QLD, 4552

Travelling to Maleny Dairies is an adventure in itself. The dairy farm is located 30 minutes inland from Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza when accessed through Landsborough Maleny Road. The drive consists of lush bushland and rolling hills as you make your way up the mountain. If you wish to embrace the view further, McCarthy’s Lookout lies the next street over from the dairy farm, on Mountain View Road. Here you can admire the view for a while – it doesn’t get much more tranquil.

Once arriving at the farm, the way you spend your day is completely up to you. Taking a guided tour will allow you to meet the array of animals that call Maleny Dairies their home (including baby calves and lambs!). Learning how Jersey and Guernsey milk makes its way from cow to Coles’ shelves is also a focus of the tour.

Maleny Dairies Marketing Manager Emily Gouge says no matter who you are, the dairy farm is always a fun experience.

“It’s just a really nice place to be, I never knew what actually looking forward to going to work every day could be like until I started here…everyone loves it,” she says.

A homemade milkshake and picnic lunch with your friends and family is the perfect end to a visit at Maleny Dairies. This day out is an animal lovers’ dream.

If you’re a coffee lover

Sunshine Sunshine baristas Lara and Mackenzie brewing up a storm. Photo by Phoebe Broad.

Sunshine Sunshine Espresso – 23/9 Lomandra Dr, Currimundi, QLD, 4551

Welcome to a coffee-lovers’ hideaway. Located approximately five minutes off the Nicklin Way, Sunshine Sunshine is nestled behind an office building overlooking a big, grassy field surrounded by a barrier of dense bushland. Between 7am-2pm on weekdays and before 1pm on weekends, you can enjoy a homebrewed coffee of your choice for $4.50.

Just as you begin to wonder if the café exists at all, the bright pink sugar skill mural and busy hospitality environment comes as a reassuring surprise. Sunshine Sunshine roasts their own coffee beans in-house, and the unique flavour and enticing smell to each cup of coffee adds to the special and rare experience you receive at Sunshine Sunshine.

Sunshine Sunshine customer David Jones says he’s never had a café experience quite like it.

“This place really is a hidden gem, the kids and I love coming here for morning tea on the weekends,” he says. “I can’t believe more people don’t know about it.”

Once you’ve finished your coffee and Nutella injectable donut, the best secret this location has to offer is yet to come. Amongst the bushland surrounding the café, only the observant will notice a small footpath that takes you deep into nature and leads you to a bridge overlooking Currimundi Lake as far as the eye can see. Sunshine Sunshine has everything a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur looks for in a café experience.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast

Zenko instructors Andrew Squires and Mandy Habener. Photo by Phoebe Broad.

Zenko Yoga – 9/5 Lutana St, Buddina, QLD, 4575

With Zenko Yoga classes beginning from 8am, you can start your day joining a friendly close-knit community of yoga enthusiasts stretching in ways you didn’t know was possible. There are classes for all levels of expertise and workout intensity, and as every class ends with a meditation session focusing on feeling centred within yourself – it’s hard to come out of the class not feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Zenko Instructor Andrew Spires has been practicing yoga for thirteen years, and says he thoroughly enjoys working at Zenko.

“I’ve only been at Zenko nine months but it’s by far been the best job I’ve had in my life,” he says. “The atmosphere is amazing, and the people are amazing and it’s just a dream come true.”

The Buddina studio is located in the Lutana Street shopping district behind Kawana Shopping World, so after your hour-long session you can walk five minutes to Nutrition Station and get a protein smoothie and a hearty well-earned cooked breakfast. If that doesn’t interest you, the studio is also approximately a 10 minute walk to the shores of Buddina Beach – a perfect warm down ending with a dive in the sea.

The possibilities are endless but it’s likely that a session at Zenko Yoga will begin an addiction to a unique experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

If you’re an adrenaline hunter

Lacee-Ann Froeschl taking the dive. Photo by Lacee-Ann Froeschl.

Sunshine Coast Skydivers – 1 Pathfinder Dr, Caloundra, QLD, 4551

Imagine freefalling from 15,000 feet in the sky across the Caloundra beaches that watch you from below. Your heart is racing but once your feet touch the ground you immediately wish you could recreate that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Sunshine Coast Skydivers provides exactly this experience. Under the ‘what to bring’ portion of the website the first listed item is “Courage”.

For this day out, the cost is hefty but lovers of heart-pumping adrenaline will never forget the experience. For $299 you and a friend will be walked through an instruction, given the appropriate gear, and taken up in a plane only to tandem skydive just minutes afterwards.

The jump is conducted through Caloundra Airport, just a six-minute drive from Bulcock Street through Caloundra Road. If you’ve got children under 12 (too young to participate), the Caloundra Rollerdrome is on the same road and offers two-hour kid-friendly roller skating sessions, and for $10 a go you can’t really go wrong.

If you’re a thrill-seeker it will be hard not to fall in love with skydiving across Caloundra skies, far above the city and ocean below. A trip with Sunshine Coast Skydivers is the perfect gift for you and a friend. If you dare.

If you love being one with nature

Kondalilla Rock Pools and rope swing. Photo by Phoebe Broad.

Kondalilla National Park – Kondalilla Falls Road, Flaxton, QLD, 4560

Only a three-minute drive from Montville, but Kondalilla feels like a lifetime away from civilisation. The drive is a long but enjoyable climb up the mountains of the Sunshine Coast, specifically half an hour if you began at Maroochydore Central Business District. As you drive deeper inland towards your destination, the population lessens and the incredible views welcome you.

Once you arrive at Kondalilla National Park, picnic tables and public facilities are provided if you wish to spend some time at the surface level. There are many different tracks for many different fitness levels, but the Kondalilla Falls circuit is by far the most worth it. The 4.7km hike directly to the falls follows a concrete track, descending by over 300 stairs. Conquerors of the journey can reward themselves with a swim in the allocated rockpools sporting a rope swing that only adds to the fun.

Kondalilla Falls is run by nature, meaning the experience is completely different every time. Letting nature take over and being completely immersed is a journey that is hard to find in today’s era, but the physical and mental therapy this walk provides for all nature enthusiasts is incomparable.

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