How to relieve work-related stress

By Sasha Scullion

As the days of isolation and social-distancing continue to drag on, those who are lucky (or unlucky) enough to still have jobs head to work every day to make our lives easier.

To try to alleviate some stress for our everyday heroes here are some of the best ways to recover from a day of dealing with customers from hell.

#1 Watch a movie (a Wes Anderson one to be exact)

One of the best ways to decompress after a day of mental warfare with our working peers is to curl up in the fluffiest of blankets, dim the lights and put on one of our favourite movies. A Wes Anderson film could be the life-saving elixir of work-day perils. With a combination of whimsical colour palettes and a debauched sense of humour, a film like Grand Budapest Hotel will make you forget about crying in the staffroom toilets.

#2 Cry!

Have you ever had one of those days when the universe delivers you every type of villain dressed in thongs? Or sporting a very evil-looking mum bob – more commonly known as a “Karen” – armed with all kinds of complaints and threats in their arsenal? If your answer is no you obviously haven’t worked in retail or hospitality. It’s hard not to become overwhelmed when customers are trying their absolute best to make your life miserable and sometimes a good sob into the pillow is just what the doctor ordered. In fact crying releases endorphins which improve your mood, so tuck yourself in and give those tear ducts a good workout.

#3 Cooking

Most of us groan at the thought of cooking dinner every night, but we can’t ignore how therapeutic it is after a long day at work to find something to focus on that will result in eating something delicious. Whether you’re mastering your culinary skills as you plot the demise of annoying customers, or pulling out the classic White Wings mix while daydreaming about future plans post-isolation, cooking will repair your soul ready for your next shift. I would also recommend watching Nigella’s Kitchen as you cook (her voice is equally soothing).

Although these stress relief activities are compellingly obvious, we tend to forget that the simplest ways to feel better are the best ways. In these trying times when the people who help us the most are the same ones who are also being abused for doing the best they can.

In the meantime, sob relentlessly as you eat homemade red velvet cake while watching Fantastic Mr Fox and you can thank me later.

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