Top thrill-seeking activities in NZ

By Nick Cherry

If you’re wanting a holiday filled with endless excitement and plenty of extreme adrenaline rushes, then New Zealand is your thrill-seeking haven. Being one of the most picturesque countries in the world, New Zealand also boasts a massive variety of adventures that are tailor made for adrenaline junkies.

Here are the top nine thrill-seeking activities for anyone looking to experience the highs of NZ’s world class tourism adventures.

  1. Name: Skyline Rotorua.

Activity: Zorbing.

Zorbing is a wild activity that involves people getting into large rubber balls filled with hot water and rolling down a hill. Doable for all ages and a relatively cheap adrenaline rush in comparison to other activities featured on the list, Zorbing is offered in many places throughout the country but Rotorua is a particular hotspot for it.

Location: Rotorua.

Price: Single: $45, double: $35 p/person, triple: $30 p/person.

Adrenaline rating: 4/10

Overall experience rating: 6/10

  1. Name: Nevis Bungy Jump.

Activity: Bungy Jumping.

At 134m high and with an 8.5 second free fall, Nevis Bungy Jump in Queenstown is the biggest in New Zealand. Bungy jumping is a must-do for thrillseekers. Although the activity is over quickly, you’ll be sure to be buzzing several days later.

Location: Queenstown.

Price: Adult, $275

Adrenaline rating: 9.5/10

Overall experience rating: 9/10

  1. Name: Skyline Queenstown.

Activity: Luge.

Race down a mountain in Queenstown or Rotorua in a luge, in tracks designed for high speeds. You have full control as there are no accelerators, only brakes. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the luge is that once you’ve reached the bottom, you simply get on a gondola back to the top and repeat.

Location: Queenstown, Rotorua.

Price: Various depending on how many luges you want… Pro tip: Gondola and 5 luge at $62 is great value.

Adrenaline rating: 6.5/10

Overall experience rating: 9/10

  1. Name: Waitomo Caves Adventure.

Activity: Cave Tubing.

Floating on a tube through river rapids and dark caves sounds awesome, right? What makes it even more amazing is that the Waitomo caves are inhabited by thousands of glow worms that light up the enclosing darkness. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful adventure activities in NZ. This is a thrill-seeking adventure which is worth every penny and although tickets aren’t cheap, the three-hour journey will create memories that will never be forgotten.

Location: Waitomo.

Price: $142

Adrenaline rating: 5/10

Overall experience rating: 9/10

  1. Name: Sky Jump and Sky Walk.

Activity: Bungy Jump and walk.

Two of the must-do activities for thrillseekers are the Sky Jump and Walk, in Auckland on New Zealand’s most famous building the Sky Tower. People can choose to either jump off the 192m building or walk around a narrow path at the very top. Needless to say the views from the top are incredible. The Sky Jump is so popular that even superstar Beyoncé decided to give it a try (watch video below).

Location: Auckland city.

Price: Sky Jump; $225. Sky Walk: $150.

Adrenaline rating: 8.5/10

Overall experience rating: 9/10

  1. Name: Rainbows End.

Activity: Theme park.

The main attraction is the ‘fear fall’ which is a vertical rollercoaster that gradually climbs 18 stories before rapidly descending at a speed of 80km/h. Rainbows End is NZ’s only theme park which opened in Auckland in 1982 and there are plenty of fun activities for thrillseekers including roller coasters, bumper cars and arcades. Ticket prices aren’t all that expensive which makes Rainbows End an affordable fun-filled day out for family and friends.

Location: Auckland.

Cost: Adult; $58, Child; $48

Adrenaline rating: 4.5-9/10 (depending on ride)

Overall experience rating: 7/10

Rainbow's Endさんの投稿 2017年11月8日(水)

  1. Name: Skippers Canyon Jet.

Activity: Jet Boat.

Jet boating is popular  in pretty NZ, but for this experience we head to Queenstown and the Skippers Canyon Jet. Reaching average speeds above 80km/h, it’s obvious why this is a dominant thrill-seeking activity. The boat canvases the full canyon with experienced drivers narrowly avoiding collisions with multiple cliff faces for the ultimate adrenaline boost. Although the jet boating itself only lasts 30 minutes the entire activity takes three hours, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Location: Queenstown.

Cost: Adult, $155, Child, $85, Family, $310

Adrenaline rating: 9/10

Overall rating: 8/10

  1. Name: Taupo Tandem Skydiving.

Activity: Skydiving.

More than 200,000 people have sky dived withTaupo Tandem Skydiving, which offers three jumps at 9,000 ft., 12,000 ft., and 15,000 ft. You can sky dive nearly anywhere in the world these days but what sets NZ apart is the beautiful landscape, specifically the many gorges, mountains and freshwater lakes. Lake Taupo, one of the largest Lakes in NZ, is particularly good and features a back drop of the impressive Mt Ruapehu. Sky diving is expensive, but the adrenaline rush is second to none.

Location: Taupo.

Price: 9,000ft, $199. 12,000ft, $279. 15,000ft, $359.

Adrenaline rating: 10/10

Overall Rating: 10/10

  1. Name: Kaitiaki Adventures.

Activity: White-water rafting.

White-water rafting involves floating down river rapids in an inflatable craft. Kaitiaki Adventures is possibly the most renowned rafting adventure with 14 river rapids and three waterfalls, including the highest commercially rafter waterfall in the world the 7-metre Tutea Fall. Rafting is reasonably priced and thrill seekers will have to brace the extremely cold water temperatures.

Location: Rotorua.

Price: $109

Adrenaline rating: 8.5/10

Overall rating: 9.5/10

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