Baberowski’s race for Division 1 re-election

By Rianne Cavanagh and Shavonne Hansell

Cr Rick Baberowski is running for a third time in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Elections.

Since winning by 64 per cent in 2016, Cr Baberowski’s has overseen the  upgrade to Roy’s Rd and Old Gympie Rd, modernised multiple streetscapes and campaigned for the preservation of the Pumicestone Passage.

His platform is focussed on generating jobs through development initiatives in Beerwah’s East, constructing trailhead facilities in Beerburrum and modernising the Glass House Mountains region.

Division 1 boundaries. Source: Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ)

About the division

Division 1 includes Landsborough, Beerwah, Peachester, Glasshouse Mountains, Beerburrum and Bribie Island.

Division 1 boundaries have not changed within the past year.

The Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) website says there is a potential for boundary changes after the Council Elections 2020.

It is mandatory by law that the council boundaries are reviewed within the year before the Local Government Quadrennial Elections.

Key issues

Some of the major issues for residents of Division 1 include traffic congestion, the lack of pathways for pedestrians and environmental damage.

Residents have previously expressed their displeasure on social media about the extended duration of the Roys Rd upgrade, which took more than 12 months to complete.

Comments such as “Finally!!! Only took a year to complete,” and “Quite possibly the longest road upgrade in history,” were posted on Cr Baberowski’s Division 1 Facebook page when he posted the completion would not be far off.

Cr Rick Baberowski presents the newly finished Landsborough streetscape. The upgrade has generated tourism and brought life to the historic township. Source: Sunshine Coast Council Website

Meet the candidates

Cr Baberowski’s emphasis on commercial growth has led to construction of the Glass House Mountains District Park, Beerburrum’s streetscape upgrade and aquatic centre renewal and the recent improvement of Cribb St in Landsborough.

He will conduct a three-day workshop regarding the Pumicestone Passage waterway in June 2020.

Cr Baberowski’s is focused on infrastructure development in Beerwah’s East.

“This could provide a larger market and an engine of jobs for Glasshouse country,” he said.

Cr Baberowski also plans to renew the Parrot Park Bushland Reserve in the Glass House Mountains, creating a southern trailhead into Glass House Mountains national park.

“These works are focused on connecting the township to the national parks in a more effective way, and to connect the trails to the rail line to provide a ‘rail to trail’ functionality for the Glass House Mountains region,” he said.

He plans to acquire a larger site for the Glasshouse Country Festival held in October to “create a bigger cultural offer”.

Another candidate running for Division 1 is Greens party member Raelene Ellis.

Ms Ellis’ policies aim to create efficient transport and building infrastructure.

However, being a Greens candidate, she sees expanding infrastructure as a destructive element to environmental sustainability.

Her policies point to a more ecological and adaptive future, evidenced in her plan to declare a “climate emergency”, if voted in.

Her council initiative also seeks to increase public transport to lessen single-occupancy vehicles.

A third candidate, Jenny Broderick, has adopted a policy focused on community involvement.

“Meaningful engagement is necessary in order to effectively represent our regions’ residents,” Mrs Broderick said.

She plans on uniting the Division 1 community through events, festivals and activities.

If elected, she promises to provide opportunities for youth and bolster local business growth.

Sunshine Coast Daily  sales executive Mark Davis has followed comparable policies to his opposition.

Mr Davis previously served two terms in Tasmania on the Waratah-Wynyard Council.

He’s quoted in a Sunshine Coast Daily interview as saying, “I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity here on the Sunshine Coast to really set things up for a bright future”.

Where to vote

  • Brisbane City Hall, Sherwood Room, (Ann Street entrance), BRISBANE
  • Beerburrum School of Arts Hall, 7 Anzac Avenue, BEERBURRUM
  • Beerwah Community & District Hall, 25 Peachester Road, BEERWA
  • Caloundra West Unity College, 47 Lomond Crescent, CALOUNDRA WEST
  • Glass House Mountains State School Hall, 58 Coonwoorin Road, GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINS
  • Landsborough State School, 41 Gympie Street North, LANDSBOROUH
  • Meridan State College ‐ Senior Learning Precinct, 214 Parklands Boulevard, MERIDAN PLAINS
  • Peachester Community Hall, 958 Peachester Road, PEACHESTER

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