Councillor gets back to work

There will be no victory parade for Jenny McKay, as the recently re-elected division five councillor gets straight back into the business of serving the people.

Ms McKay was re-elected with just under 75 per cent of the vote in last month’s council elections, and she said she believed that it was her hard work and commitment to people that saw her re-elected with such an overwhelming percentage of the vote.

“It’s very rewarding, actually, to have such a clear indication from the community that they believe that you’re the best one to lead them through the next four years,” she said.

“I’d like to think I was re-elected because of my understanding and my ability to work with community organisations and individuals, to achieve the outcomes that they would like to achieve for their local regions.”

She said she believed that de-amalgamation will overshadow much of the next four years, but lists two things she’s hopeful that the new council can achieve that the previous council couldn’t.

“I believe that with the town plan, we have a wonderful opportunity.

“The current document is very bland, it doesn’t actually drive innovation or sustainability.”

She said the current plan was 10 years old, and the new council needs to create a plan that will take the Sunshine Coast clearly 10 years into the future.

“The other thing is our waste strategy. It’s a piece of work that I feel strongly is not completed,” Ms McKay said.

“We know we’ve got landfills that are quickly filling up, and we don’t have all the solutions for that, so we need to embrace the different types of environmental technologies that may provide opportunities.”

In terms of the future of the Sunshine Coast, she says the upgrade of the international airport and placing the Coast more strategically into the international nature-based tourism markets are vital to ensuring continuing growth for the region.

 By Andrew Dunn

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