Cruise creates competition for customers at Wharf

By Braedan Jason

The first cruise ship for winter has dropped anchor in Mooloolaba today, with the restaurants in the Wharf’s revamped district competing for customers again.

Over 2,000 passengers aboard the P&O cruise ship Pacific Explorer wined and dined for the day around the docks during a stop-off on their voyage from Sydney to Gladstone.

Mooloolaba information desk volunteer Michael Keenan said the passengers would all be spending a little bit of money and The Wharf’s new businesses are helping,

“The more they make this more attractive for the cruise industry, the more ships that are going to come in,” Mr Keenan said.

Hog’s Breath Mooloolaba has called The Wharf home since 1991 and has maintained popularity throughout the area’s renovations over the last year.

Hog’s Breath National Food Services director Manfred Lorber said that although celebrating their 30th birthday, they have had to reinvent themselves to keep up with the increase of restaurants.

“We closed the restaurant down, renovated it, and made it look more modern to go along with the redevelopment,” Mr Lorber said.

Rice Boi has become one of the most popular spots along the revamped district, with owner Tony Kelly recently opening Spero in replace of the previous vender Chances.

Mr Kelly said it was not just Mooloolaba that would create a great destination for future Sunshine Coast tourists.

“I think if both Mooloolaba and Maroochydore plays to each other’s strengths, and both support each other, will really give the Sunshine Coast an amazing destination to go out in,” he said.

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