Siblings in sync for double act

By Dermott Chatwin

Successful Nambour singer-songwriter Jason Daniels has announced he will be taking on a new challenge as part of a duo with his younger sister Josie Grace.

The siblings, who have been singing and playing together from an extremely young age, decided to launch the duet on the side as a separate venture to their solo music projects.

Jason Daniels and his sister Josie Grace are combining forces. Photo by Dylan Fewings

Daniels said that the music industry was constantly shifting, and as artists they have to diversify and not put all their eggs in one basket until something takes off.

“[It is all about] following the bread crumbs, you know just seeing where it goes, just trying some things,” he said.

“Then just have your finger on a few things and then if something takes off that is your best bet.

“I recently came back from Nashville and did some song writing and some gigging over there and there’s a real market over there for young Aussies doing their thing.

“They just really love Australians, so that would be the dream to get to sneak in over there as a duo.”

Daniels and Grace aim to split their time equally between building the pairing and growing their solo careers, at least for the immediate future.

Daniels also said that after playing at this year’s Gympie Music Muster as a solo act he would be interested in returning next year to perform as part of the duo.

Grace said that it meant a lot to perform with her older brother, despite previously having played gigs together as part of the Jason Daniels Band.

“It is really refreshing to put our ideas together and start a project where we both work equally and have the same goal,” she said.

“We expect to release some original music in the near future.

“Both Jason and I have individually written songs which we have decided to use for the duo but also have co-written songs which we plan to release sometime next year.”

Grace said that Shania Twain was their biggest influence as a duo.

“Since we are a folk-country based duo, we are heavily influenced by her song writing technique and instrumentation use,” she said.

The Jason Daniels Band will play at the Caloundra Music Festival on Friday.

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