Heaters spark winter safety call

By Lacee-Ann Froeschl

Electricians across the Sunshine Coast are warning people to have their heating appliances serviced before plugging them in this winter.

Energex’s executive general manager for distribution Paul Jordon said heating appliances that have been packed away since last winter have higher chances of causing damage to homes.

“Electrical appliances such as heaters and electric blankets spend most of their life packed away in cupboards or in the shed and only plugged in during the coldest winter nights,” he said.

Fires and electrocution hazards are among some of the consequences that can occur if heating appliances are damaged and not regularly serviced.

“The problem is these appliances can sustain damage while in long-term storage and when plugged in can cause house fires, electric shock injuries or worse,” Mr Jordon said.

“If the appliance is damaged in any way either have it repaired by a qualified technician or simply throw it out because the life of a family member is worth much more.”

Paul Matters Electrical employee Andrew Maclaren said key maintenance items for consideration include electric blankets, heat pumps or reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

“These checks will pick up any components which may not be operating efficiently,” he said.

“Heat pump servicing benefits [also] include being more efficient and healthier.”

Servicing will also extend the life of your appliances and aid in lowering your overall power bill.

Other safety tips for winter suggested by Mr Maclaren include:

  • Residual Current Device testing which will ensure that any faulty appliance will not cause further damage
  • Maintenance on anything electric (heaters, air conditioners etc.)
  • Smoke alarm testing to ensure they’re working in case of fire
  • Switch Board Inspections – Checking for any potential safety concerns on the switchboard


Main image: PIXABAY

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