How drag is creating safe spaces on the Coast

Opinion by Lillie Hull

The drag scene hasn’t been big on the Sunshine Coast until the past couple of years.

On the Coast the LGBTI+ community has been heavily supported by drag queens, with the most well-known being Melony Brests, Sall Monalla, Miss Lady Saint Diva and Holly Wood.

Melony Brests helped create Pinky’s, which is a monthly LGBTI+ event, which works with the Sunshine Coast Pride Network and donates money towards the pride event.

Pinky’s was the first major LGBTI+ event and safe space on the Coast and is a well-known night of fun, trivia, drag performances, music, comedy and more.

There are also the Sunshine Coast Pride events that happen every year and Peak Wine Bar’s LGBTI+ Sundays.

These events and drag queens help the LGBTI+ community, and raise money for charities, such as the RSPCA and The Cancer Council.

Along with this, the money they raise is used to help people, support local pride events and to create a safer and more inclusive environment on the Coast.

Miss Lady Saint Diva, or LSD for short, is a new queen on the Coast who has helped with LGBTI+ Sundays and is aiming to create a safe environment from these nights.

This isn’t the first event that LSD has had a hand in running, she originally started the Gay Night Out, in Bathurst, NSW, which completely changed the LGBTI+ community in the country town.

LSD says she hopes that the nights continue to create safe spaces for everyone within the community, no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

LGBTI+ Sundays is growing more every week, this past Sunday, the 26 May 2019, they held their grand final for ‘Quest for a Queen’.

And in the coming weeks drag queens from Brisbane are coming up to perform and help support the community.

These drag events are really helping the LGBTI+ community and creating more safe spaces, especially here on the Sunshine Coast.

They are greatly needed following the Federal Election, as there has been worry within the community of change to LGBTI+ laws.

LSD is making sure there is continuous support in the LGBTI+ community on the coast and wants to create change by having fun and being yourself in a safe space.

To hear more of LSD’s work and thoughts on acceptance in the drag and LGBTI+ community check out the podcast.

Will you be planning on attending any of the Sunshine Coast drag shows?

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