HUGE MOVE: New $1.7m facility to be game changer for Men’s Shed

By Chloe Walker

A NEW $1.7M facility for the Buderim Men’s shed is less than a month away from completion.

The much anticipated move comes after the group has spent years crammed in an old eye clinic.

The new facility is a nine-minute drive away in Kuluin and features three buildings to be used as a studio, workshop and administration building.

President Barry Cheales said the building which previously looked like a barn was almost unrecognisable after the hours of volunteer work.

Work benches have been built at the new Kuluin facility.


The organisations senior members have had a hand in erecting and painting the walls and making benches within the new buildings.

“Those who have skills in construction have been putting up the walls and others less qualified have been holding the nails,” he said.

Mr Cheales said this project had displayed the vision of comradeship that the Buderim Men’s Shed promotes inclusive of their motto “shoulder to shoulder.”

“Social isolation, depression, alcoholism, suicide – they don’t put a sign outside saying if you’ve got depression come here, if you’re socially isolated come here,” he said.

“We do have a sign that says Men’s Shed and once they take the step and come inside we can address these issues through activities and comradeship.”

He said many of the members have found themselves at the men’s shed after retiring early because of depression and are often dragged in by their ears by their wives and daughters.

However, Men’s Health Physiotherapist Craig Allingham said facilities like the Men’s Shed were important in the promotion of men’s heath which will be widely promoted next week for International Men’s Health week.

“It’s been isolated for a week and its a great thing but it’s a disaster because men’s health week should be every week not just one out of 52,” Dr Allingham said.

He said social isolation is a big problem for senior men as they often leave their work place and social groups behind and struggle to find activities to bide their time in which the men’s shed organisation fills this void with 27 activities to chose from including leather and wood work and computer groups.

“Men measure their self worth by the things they can do not things they talk about or the books they read,” Mr Allingham said.

Garry Cheales and Craig Allingham preparing for the big move.

He said although men’s shed was targeted more towards senior men due to its activities being held on weekdays the organisation is hoping to expand once at the new facility and provide greater accessibility to men of all ages and indigenous community members.

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