Locals weigh in on the COVIDSafe app

By Lillie Hull, Lachlan Morris and Rebecca Mugridge

As Australia navigates its return to a level of normality since flattening the curve of the Coronavirus, the Federal Government has introduced a smartphone app to make the process more controlled.

The COVIDSafe App is designed to help trace, track and collect data on the potential spread of the virus through a Bluetooth connection on a user’s phone.

While opinion was initially divided over the app and met with some scrutiny, like where the user data would be processed and stored, the overwhelming response has since leaned towards a positive public opinion.

The app was officially available to be downloaded on Sunday April 26 at 6pm AEST and by 10:30pm it had been downloaded 1 million times.

Now with more than 5 million downloads restrictions have begun to ease as the country gradually begins to re-open again. Even with a steadily increasing number of downloads of COVIDSafe though, there is still a healthy section of the population who refuse to download the app due to privacy concerns.

Over 10,000 people have also left reviews about the app with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

On the street polling on the Sunshine Coast has lent towards a mostly positive reaction, see some of the public’s reactions here:

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