Nambour runner helps fight global poverty

By Bianca Swann

Nambour resident Andrew Lucy was running for a better cause and participated in The Run to Better Days from July 10-22.

The 23-year-old ran from Hervey Bay to Townsville, aiming to generate action towards the fight to end global poverty.

The team of 18 athletes ran in a relay format over 1200km up the Queensland Coast.

The team stopped into schools along the way, giving presentations to hopefully motivate students join the fight.

The Run to Better Days co-ordinator Daniel Charles said that this project has been his aim for almost three years after reading the book The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer in Year 12.

“I came to realise just how embarrassingly possible an end to poverty really is, and couldn’t think of any reason that I shouldn’t do something to make it happen,” he said.

“I decided that I had to act upon the urgent responsibility I felt to help the world’s poor; the Run to Better Days is my first attempt to pursue this goal.”

Nambour ANZ Assistant Manager Andrew Lucy said he was excited about the run and the prospect of supporting Daniel’s bid to put an end to global poverty.

“The most prominent thing is to support Daniel and to help make a difference for poorer countries,” he said

Mr Lucy said that he had been going hard out at his training in order to prepare for the task at hand.

“Gym three days a week, running once or twice a week to keep my running fitness up and I’d usually do a mountain on the weekends.”

Andrew said being the only member of the team from the Sunshine Coast it has been hard to attract a great deal of support.

With a month to go the team had raised almost $10,000 for Caritas Australia; with the goal being $20,000.

Daniel quoted Bon Jovi: “We’re halfway there; livin on a prayer.”

Daniel said it had been hard to factor in this huge initiative while continuing his studies at university, but had enjoyed every minute.

“It has been a struggle, and there have been a number of other aspects of my life that I have not been able to put as much time into as a result, studying being a notable example.”

“This said, I think I’ve learned a lot, and it has definitely all been worth it.”

Daniel said there were no plans set for the Run to Better Days to become a yearly event but after the success and support that the event has already received this could be a real possibility.

For more information about The Run to Better Days or to donate, visit the website at

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