Neck and neck: These are your mayoral candidates

By Jade Williams, Kirra Kelly, and Prisqua Camiul

Mayor Mark Jamieson  is facing competition from a former deputy, a businessman, and a social media maverick in the upcoming council elections.

Mayor Jamieson says the Sunshine Coast’s economy under the current council has experienced $5 billion of growth with an estimated 23,000 jobs created and a household income increase of over 25 per cent.

However, the council has been criticised for approving some large scale developments including the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport and not being transparent about these decisions.

Meet the candidates


Mark Jamieson. Source: Mark Jamieson Facebook page.

Mark Jamieson (Current Mayor)

Mayor Jamieson has been serving the Sunshine Coast since 2012.

Mayor Jamieson outlines on his website a long list of commitments he wishes to address in the next term including driving economic development through investment in digital industries and expanding the stadium.

He has also promised more sealed roads in the Hinterland and creating a Sunshine Coast Biosphere.

Chris Thompson. Source: Chris Thompson Facebook page.

Chris Thompson 

Mr Thompson was deputy mayor from 2012-2016, serving alongside the current Mayor Jamieson and was a divisional councillor 2004-2016 Sunshine Coast Council.

Mr Thompson has similar goals as Mayor Jamieson but has a sharper focus on improving the council with honesty, transparency and trust.

He plans to achieve this by considering the communities expectations in decision making, introducing a conflict of interest register and removing voting rights if a conflict of interest is declared.


Michael Burgess. Source Michael Burgess Facebook.

Michael Burgess

Mr  Burgess is standing for mayor with no previous political experience.

He is a businessman, who states on his campaign website he employs up to 200 staff.

Mr Burgess says he is running for mayor because he believes the current council isn’t responding to community concerns.

He is focusing on four issues gridlocked traffic and parking issues, and sports infrastructure.

Mr Burgess says he wants the removal of the stadium as it is a drain on the economy.

Donald Innes. Source: Donald Innes Facebook.

Donald Innes

Donald Innes is the latecomer to the race, but it’s clear he wants significant changes.

A longtime leader in retail, Mr Innes also appears to have little political experience.

He has refused to make campaign signs, as he believes they are “pointless pieces of flat marketing”.

His website makes clear his two campaign issues are stopping contamination from fire retardants used at the airport and local laws overhaul in relation to parking, traffic and planning.

Where to vote

To check where your nearest polling booth is and for more information head to the Electoral Commission Queensland

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