New exhibit follows woman’s journey to identity

By Courtney Lynch 

KABI-KABI artist Bianca Beetson has opened her exhibit “Being Human” at the Caloundra Regional Gallery.

Dr Beetson said the exhibit was about her exploring her own identity and was started during her Doctoral studies.

“In 2014 I disappeared down the rabbit hole and decided to do a selfie-a-day project . . .I did more than one a day, and uploaded them to social media as well, that was an important part of the process,” she said.

The exhibit comprises of photo and video displays shot on Dr Beetson’s smart phone.

“For this show there was work I wanted to bring that hadn’t been out before because even after my Doctorate, I’ve continued to make selfies, there’s no stopping me and of course I like to use props and humour,” she said.

“It’s really about trying to understand my identity as a fair skinned Aboriginal woman who is in a post Stolen Generation world, and always having to have that internal struggle between that duality of my cultural heritage.”

Dr Beetson boasts an incredible social media following, including former US President Barack Obama on twitter.

Upon learning of her famous follower Dr Beetson was shocked.

“That’s cool, maybe it’s because he likes my parodies of the current president?” she said.

Dr Beetson’s exhibit “Being Human” will feature at the Caloundra Regional Gallery until July 21.

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