Plastic wrap clings to Coles shelves

By Campbell Seith and Rose Astley

Despite their promise today to cut plastic wastage from their shelves, eco-conscious shoppers will have to wait until next winter to see a change at Coles.

In a statement released this morning Coles promised to reduce waste by removing non-recyclable packaging from their produce.

A Coles spokeswoman said the company was working with suppliers and producers to minimise their waste and repurpose food wastage where possible.

“Our commitment is that 90 percentage of all waste will be diverted from landfill by 2022. We can see the main sources of waste in our stores are cardboard, plastics and food wastage,” she said.

However, Coles has since clarified that these goals were not immediate and expect them to gradually take effect over the next seven years, in order to meet the Federal government’s sustainability targets for 2025.

“Basically, at the moment we’ve just released the sustainability statement, our goals and how we wish to achieve them. But of course, these are goals that are spread out over the years,” she said.

Staff at the Sippy Downs Coles this morning said they were unaware of these initiatives, despite Coles releasing their statement today.

Plastic packaging lines the shelves at Coles.

No change was evident on shelves in regard to packaging with many items such as apples and tomatoes still presented with plastic wrap.

Coles was the first major retailer to announce their dedication to meeting the Federal governments’ sustainability commitments.

The most immediate change will be the single use plastic bag ban, coming into effect on July 1.

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