RACQ calls for more Coast funding

By Tiama Kimlin.

The Sunshine Coast is being cheated on infrastructure funding, receiving only half of that spent on the Gold Coast, according to the RACQ. 

The Gold Coast has received $828 million in infrastructure funding, which is double the amount compared to the Sunshine Coast, which receives only $418 million granted from 2016 until 2018.

This spending equates to $944 per person on the Gold Coast, and $549 per person on the Sunshine Coast.

RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross says investments in transportation in major areas around the Sunshine Coast are needed.

 “We need to invest in public transport and active transport systems around major development areas of the Sunshine Coast, like Maroochydore,” she says.

 “We also need to see road and other infrastructure improvements to support the growth in population predicted on the Sunshine Coast in the years ahead.”

Ms Ross says the lack of investment in the Sunshine Coast means that infrastructure won’t be there to support the rapidly increasing growth. 

“Because of its growth and development, the Gold Coast has traditionally received the lion’s share of State Government funding,” she says.

“However, with rapid growth now occurring on the Sunshine Coast, the State Government needs to step up and deliver infrastructure for the region.

“It deserves long-term infrastructure priority lists with projects that will ensure the area can prosper into the future and align with population predictions.”

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