Ratepayers gets chance at windfall


Today is the last chance ratepayers have to win up to $1000 off their next bill as part of a new Sunshine Coast Council incentive.

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, council created the prize to reduce paper usage, changing from post-delivered notices to email.

The MyCouncil website has step-by-step instructions on how to make the change to email-delivered notices and even provides a video to show the way.

Outstanding Organisation Portfolio Councillor Ted Hungerford said the incentive aligns with council’s new vision for the area.

“Finding ways to be more environmentally friendly is an essential part of our healthy, smart and creative lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast,” Cr Hungerford said.

Ratepayer of nearly 30 years Belinda Dawkins, 47, said she supported the council’s initiative.

“I don’t think the world has an endless supply of paper or endless resources so any way we can do our part is good,” Mrs Dawkins said.

“If there’s only one person on the whole Sunshine Coast winning the prize then that may not be the most powerful incentive but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

“I tend to just think that everyone doing a little bit adds up to a lot.

“A digital copy would be an easier way of keeping records, too.”

The councillor also said there was an added element of convenience in the new email notice method.

“Those property owners who receive their rate notices by email have the added option of setting a calendar reminder to pay their rates and ensure they never miss the on-time payment discount,” he said.

Ratepayers can also save money by receiving council’s on-time five per cent payment discount on all general rates bills paid before 5pm this Friday, August 21.

Those eligible for the $1000 incentive must sign up for email notices before August 19.

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