Record pre-sales for Woodford Folk Festival

By Melissa Halsey.

New infrastructure will be built at the Woodford Folk Festival to cater for the growing number of patrons ticket pre-sales have predicted.

Festival founder Bill Hauritz said the ticket sales were up 12 per cent from last year.

Ticket sales for the festival are up 12 per cent from 2014
Ticket sales for the festival are up 12 per cent from 2014 (Credit Beaver on the beats)
“We have decided to move ahead and build three new amenity blocks on site; two in the camping areas and one in the main precinct to be able to handle the growth in crowd,” he said.

Mr Hauritz said they have also already spent around $250,000 this year creating 1000 new campsites, which can cater for 3000 more people.

“Last year the festival had an aggregate attendance of around 124,000 people over the six days, if you can add about 12 per cent to that figure you will notice that it comes to many thousands of people all of which we have to provide infrastructure,” he said.

Mr Hauritz said the festival turns over 10 million in revenue.

He said he was hoping if the festival grew enough they might get as much as 10 per cent, or $1 million, in surplus to spend on even further infrastructure in the future.

Mr Hauritz said the success for his rise in ticket sales was a reflection of the past four festivals, which have all been a great success due to good weather conditions.

“Our key to success has been not spending a lot of money promoting the festival, but rather spending money on creating a festival experience for people,’’ Mr Hauritz said.

“Our growth-marketing plan is very simple, if we do a really good job of looking after our patrons, they will come back next year and bring their friends.”

Sunshine Coast resident Belinda McEachern said she has attended the Woodford Folk Festival four times in total, twice as a volunteer and twice as a paying customer.

Ms McEachern said her reason for returning to the festival so many times was because of the community feel and the amazing variety of entertainment.

“Because it has been running for such a long time it is really well run and organised,” she said.

“I have just had some amazingly unexpected and brilliant experiences there.”

In excess of $14 million has already been invested in site facilities such as amenity blocks, treatment plants, trees and pathways.

The festival runs over six days between December 27 – January 1 and will hold 420 acts to perform on 24 stages.

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