Repeat drug offender given jail time

By Courtney Lynch

A Maroochydore magistrate warned a man he was not getting the message after police seized 14 “well cared for” cannabis plants.

Leith William Humphreys pleaded guilty to possession offences after police found the plants during a search of his home on February 12.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Phillip Stephens told the Maroochydore Magistrates Court the plants were found at the side of the home and appeared healthy.

“(The plants) looked recently cared for, vibrant in colour and well maintained,” he said.

Police also found a semi-dismantled hydroponics setup and a silver cannabis grinder.

Sergeant Stephens noted Humphreys had a criminal record and drugs had formed a basis of most of his previous offending.

Humphreys’ solicitor Bernard Bradley said Humphreys had sought some treatment including counselling for his cannabis use and noted the plants were small.

“Small plants, only one, two foot,” Mr Bradley said.

“So, they nipped it in the bud figuratively, not literally?” Magistrate Rodney Madsen asked.

Mr Madsen told Humphreys that despite getting some help it appeared he was not getting the message.

“Just because it’s cannabis doesn’t mean you have the ability to do what you want,” he said.

Mr Madsen sentenced Humphreys to an 18-month probation order and a four-month suspended prison sentence.

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