Richard Bruinsma has ‘no hesitation’ as he attempts third election

By Janice Johansen

Richard Bruinsma is hoping for third time lucky as he readies to join the 2020 local election race.

With no hesitation to dive in to his campaign early, the Division Five candidate has already been door knocking in the area.

The editor of the Sunshine Valley Gazette said he has always had a keen interest in politics, which can be seen in his work history.

The 51-year-old has worked for politicians Peter Slipper and James McGrath but said his work experience would be an asset if elected.

“As an editor you meet so many people and get used to asking direct questions; you get to assess situations quickly and think on your feet,” he said.

Mr Bruinsma said he has been asked if there is a conflict of interest in his role as a journalist and being involved in politics.

“When people ask me this question I see it as a blessing in disguise, because it makes people take notice of me and keep tabs on me,” he said.

“It gives me the opportunity to prove I can keep those roles very separate.

“If I was an accountant or a lawyer or baker then it wouldn’t be an issue.

“But this (journalism) is my vocation, I can’t change what I am, so I’ve got no choice, but to deal with this concern and still pursue the political dreams I have.”

The Division Five candidate said the Sunshine Valley Gazette Publisher Kerry Brown has responsibility for any submitted potentially-conflicting political content.

The Palmwoods resident hopes to take over from current Division Five Councillor Jenny McKay who has announced her retirement.

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