TEDx Noosa brings the crowds

Last week The J in Noosa, Queensland, was taken over by TEDx, a convention run all over the world showcasing inspirational speakers.

The event ran with the theme Catalysts for Change and featured 17 amazing and inspirational speakers, including hacking expert Chris Drake.

Mr Drake said that he hadn’t spoken for such a large group of people before but found it exciting.

“The day ran fantastic, I wasn’t speaking until the last session which gave me the chance to really watch throughout the day and enjoy all the talks,” he said.

320 people filed in for the day, which kicked off at 8am and went through until the end of the after party at 7:30pm.

ABC local radio covered the event throughout the morning with a live broadcast, speaking to various speakers who would appear throughout the day. Social media was also used throughout the day with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all playing a part in the sharing of ideas and photographs.

Louise Visser and Alice Jones design and own Sinerji, a clothing line which only produces ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable items.

The clothing line is sweatshop and cruelty free and puts a big emphasis on the values of fair trade. With over 20 shops selling their clothing and a shop local to Noosa in Forest Glen the two women have become incredibly successful and were the only duo to speak.

The day ran smoothly with food and drink breaks every couple of hours to give everyone a chance to discuss the topics of the day and also have a look at the Innovation Alley, which was set up on the upper level of The J.

The Alley was a hit through the day, showcasing a range of interesting and wonderful ideas and inventions from local residents and businesses. The Sunshine Coast Council showcased their two 3D printers – creating 3D models of just about anything designed on a laptop.

Another popular intermission activity was the ABC Open Seeds of Change wall. The was was set up for people to write their ideas and inspirations from the day onto paper ‘seeds’ and stick on the wall for everyone to read. The collection gradually grew, with audience members adding their own thoughts to the exhibit.

Despite forecasted heavy rain and strong winds, the day was bright and shining with only a few sun showers throughout, making organisers, presenters and the audience very happy and relieved.

TEDx is an internationally recognized convention and with past speakers including Al Gore, Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson, it was a great event for Sunshine Coast locals.



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