Vox pop: What are your thoughts on career opportunities on the Sunshine Coast?

Lisa Easey, 23, Wurtulla: “There’s not a whole lot of opportunity if you want to take your career further. I think that I’ll probably have to move to Sydney once I finish my degree.”
Leith Miller, 19, Buderim: “Getting a good job at the end of my degree is what I’m really concerned about. There’re over 300 people in my degree and there’s so many people who want a job at the end, but obviously there’s not enough work for everyone.”
Zach Carlson, 19, Buddina: “I think one of the main problems is that there is nothing established for graduates straight out of school or uni.”
Sam Gardener, 20, Mountain Creek: “It’s hard because to get a job on the Sunshine Coast you need to go to university for what the Sunshine Coast offers.”

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