Your say: Should defensive driving courses be a must?

By Abbey Cannan, Nick Cherry & Jamiee Burns

Jade Dixson’s family have called for “frustrating” State Government bodies to make defensive driver education mandatory.

Jade, 17, died after her friend Adrian Fraser’s car crashed into a tree while she was a passenger on the Sunshine Coast in March.

SunCoast Times hit the streets of Sippy Downs to find out what you think.

Question: Should it be mandatory for all P-plater drivers to take a defensive driving course and why?


Ebony Watts, 19, Buderim. “Yes, to enforce the fact that speeding is not going to get you anywhere sooner and you’re just putting yourself and others lives at risk and harm. If you don’t know how to use your car you shouldn’t be driving a car in the first place.”



Derek Sarovich, 37, Sippy Downs. “Yes, I think it’s a good idea as I think it would reduce road fatalities.”






Erin Price, 36, Sippy Downs. “Yes, I don’t like the phrase mandatory but if we can reduce hooning it would be a good idea. There is a problem with hooning in this area. I remember being a P-plater and I didn’t know much about my car so I think it would be practical.”




Aidain Casey, 19, Redcliffe. “Yes, I think so. Well I think on its own when you’re younger and you become a P-plater you’re not as experienced. A lot of younger drivers are not as weary on the road. I’m taking my P-test in a month and I think this would be helpful.”




Bridget Mchugh, 21, Kawana. “Yes, it’s a good idea because the death toll is mostly P-platers.”






Shiloh Jones, 26, Ilkley. “I think that accidents definitely occur not necessarily from your own hand, but from other people getting in the way.”







Storm Woolley, 27, Buderim. “It could go either way. Yes, if it is subsidised or no if there isn’t much point because the brains of males don’t stop developing until early 20’s. So, defensive driving is going to be limited and it will just cost lots of money.”





Tim Sduckenschaeider, 29, Maroochydore. “That is like the system we have back in Germany. If there is a standardised procedure and it is monitored then it might be good.”





Danielle Madden, 23, Mooloolaba. “Yes, I believe it would prepare them for dangerous situations.”


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