Lethally injecting our way to equality

Opinion by Connor Rose

In the wake of the uprising of minorities including the LGBTI community, political correctness has taken centre stage and humanitarianism is being lost.

Admittedly, I admire the prospect of equality.

But taking it to the extent where it cannot biologically be achieved is hypocrisy, especially if the goal is to restore a person’s quality of life.

The lab rat-like test treatment on children with gender dysphoria embodies this bigotry.

To spare gender dysphoric children from the physical and emotional torment of puberty, doctors and parents are subjecting kids to a method known as puberty blocking.

They must think they are making the world a better place.

By completely freezing a kid’s puberty phase, inhibiting all development of reproductive organs and other gender defining characteristics, a child is expected to be more comfortable with their body and explore their perceived gender.

This would be all well and good if the treatment was free from any implications, had a convincing success rate, or was simply a thoroughly developed solution … but it’s not.

Puberty blockers were first made for kids who hit puberty earlier than normal, not for young’uns who can’t conform to their birth sex.

It’s a shoddily repurposed experiment to remedy a problem which has little research in the area.

In its most basic form, this is bargaining with the wellbeing, or even the life of a child.

A 2017 report by medical professors Paul Hruz, Lawrence Mayer, and Paul McHugh from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Arizona found that the treatment’s success rate, well, isn’t much of a success.

In fact, there are few scientific journals that actually explain the results of the procedure in depth.

How can you be at ease knowing you are signing your child up for a hardly proven treatment?

On the contrary, it may be signing away their life.

Research shows children who are subjected to puberty blocking are unlikely to be cured of their gender dysphoria.

In fact, 41 per cent of individuals who undergo the process and eventually receive gender reassignment will attempt suicide, according to a Swedish study.

Conversely, children who do not undergo the treatment are likely to overcome the dysphoria by means of maturity which comes with puberty.

There’s multiple parties to blame for the endorsement of this unethical intervention.

Firstly, the government, particularly Australia’s, are to blame for removing the requirement for families to consult the Family Court to obtain legal permission for children to undergo the procedure.

Secondly, doctors and researchers must be held responsible for not showing any alarm at the fact that limited information existing in the field of gender dysphoria could be dangerous when administering high risk injections in a child.

I blame parents for not seeing the issue with the maturity they should exhibit, and not understanding the severity of the consequences and what it could mean for their child.

But parents also have a contingent to blame: society.

For fostering an ignorant generation inspired by misinformation which has become all too accessible with the internet at our fingertips, I too blame our society.

While I do concede that there are living transgender people who have transcended the procedure and are as happy as anyone else, I cannot fathom the risk it entails.

If this world wants to advocate human equality it must be met with a regard for dignity and health, and until then, gender dysphoria cannot be addressed.

Fast facts

  • Nearly one in two young transsexual Australians have attempted suicide.
  • This is twenty times higher than the rate for the general Australian population.
  • Until November 2017, Australian parents had to seek permission from the family court to put children on puberty blocking medication.
  • Puberty blockers are administered through the monthly injection of Lupron.

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