With politicians and protesters, it is chickens and eggs


We have all been faced with the classic conundrum; what comes first: the chicken or the egg? You think it’s a simple answer – of course the chicken came first – but where do chickens come from? Eggs! So around and around we go.

If you think about it, the same question could be applied to politics, with politicians as the chickens (either much loved or shunned because they gave you salmonella poisoning) while the eggs are political demonstrators(either free-ranged and wielding an egg, or cracking politicians office windows in an attempt to scramble them). Now the question is not what came first but what comes first now – and it’s simple.


They are the ones that control our country’s government. It’s their elected job. They need to be respected, in principle even if we don’t like them.

Australia is a multicultural society. Ever since our colonisation in 1788, every person, from every country who calls Australia home has contributed to our nation’s diversity. The national census taken in the year of our last federal election (2016) saw that over a quarter (28.5 per cent) of the estimated resident population were born overseas.

Our streets today can be compared to the egg aisle at Coles. There is an endless assortment of the shelled sucker from free-range and caged, to brown, white or cream coloured, to large and small. With diversity comes extensive contrast in beliefs : the everlasting battle between the right and the left. And let’s hope a simple egg doesn’t spark any Game of Thrones inspired battles.

Should any violence or illegal activity be allowed in the name of our country’s political discourse? Will Connolly – better known as Egg Boy – was hatched into the Australian spotlight after his viral egging of controversial senator Fraser Anning. Senator Anning had made comments regarding the Christchurch massacre that – in short – blamed the victims for the tragedy.

Now yes, these claims were seen as cruel and callous to most but some – no matter the minority – agree with this man’s views, which is why he sits in our Parliament.

And no matter the views, no one should be assaulted for doing their job.

What do you do when you order a coffee and it tastes worse than burnt Nescafé Blend 43? Do you throw it in the barista’s face? No, you throw it in the bin where it belongs and find a better barista to spend your money on. But you still need to acknowledge that some people enjoy the dirt that person serves. So they will continue to work there until they realise that they are not good at it.

Similarly, this is why we have the right to vote. To vote for those we want to represent us.

There will always be politicians, chickens and chicken politicians, just like there will be protesters, eggs and Egg Boys.

But let’s cut politicians some slack because who knows? If we stop harassing them, they might find time to make our country a place we are proud to live in.

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