Kayaker Jy Duffy heads to Hungary

KAYAKER Jy Duffy is bound for Hungary after being selected to compete in the  Olympic Hopes Regatta in September.

In the two years since he took up kayaking,  the 15-year-old Buderim kayaker’s love for the sport has grown along with his achievements.

Jy brought home bronze medals in each of his events at the national championships earlier this year – the K1 1000m, K1 2000m, K1 4000m and K2 5000m.

“All I want to do is paddle,” Jy said. “My preference is the K1 1000m.”

Jy said he had been busy training hard all year round to reach his goal of hopefully competing at the junior world championships and then one day the Olympics.

Jy, a bronze medallion holder, also competes in surf ski events for surf lifesaving.

His coach Shane Dalziel introduced him to kayaking and he has not looked back since.

Jy said he attributed his success to his close relationship with his coach.

“I’ve never seen somebody take to something as fiercely and doggedly as he has,” Mr Dalziel said.

“He’s prepared to go backwards to go forwards, where a lot of people are just trying to go faster, faster, faster and can’t see the processes.”

By Min Delaney



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