Motorcross madness

By Rianne Cavanagh

Devastated motocross riders from around the Sunshine Coast have been left with nowhere to ride due to COVID19 government restrictions.

As the Australian Government deems motocross a non-essential sport, the ever-popular Parklands MX Park and Coolum Pines MX Park – along with many others around Queensland – were forced to shut their gates on March 25, leaving thousands of riders with nowhere to ride.

Coolum Pines MX Park had already decided to postpone their Sunshine State MX Series competition, resulting in many disappointed competitors prior to closing.

Laurence Medina, 29, at Parklands MX Park March 2020.

Local rider and competitor, 29, said it was such a shame that some sports were being considered “essential exercise” while others were shut down.

“I understand the competitions being postponed, that’s fair enough, but it’s not really fair that surfers can continue to go out and do what they do at the beach, but we can’t practice at a track,” he said.

“I don’t believe there’s much difference in the big picture.

“There’s always plenty of track for everyone.

“It’s non-contact and we ride in wide open spaces the same way they surf.

“Not everyone has land to ride on for a bit of fun, not everyone can ride down their dirt roads, not everyone who rides motocross lives in rural areas.”

Many other competitors like Laurence have expressed their disappointment on the Parks’ Facebook pages, due to not having an alternative option.

One Facebook user wrote, “If I want to ride, I’ll find a way.”

Laurence expressed his concern for young kids and teens not having anywhere to ride and practice while these restrictions were in place as he was worried there would be more accidents.

“These kids are tough, they’re keen to ride and they will find a way to get their mx fix regardless,” he said.

“I worry that without the safety measure of riding on a registered park track with help readily available, there will be more serious accidents as kids will resort to riding down their local streets unregistered.”

Laurence said he loves to take his six-year-old son out riding with him too but during this time it was unsafe to allow him to ride anywhere.

“I suppose it’s now up to the parents as the Government has said no riding outside of your property,” he said.

“It’s now on the parents to keep their kids in line while trying to keep them sane.”

Sunshine Coast riders are eagerly awaiting the re-opening of their favourite parks.

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