Quidditch season starts slowly for USC Dementors

By Ryan Fahy.

Quidditch season is once again in full swing as the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Dementors kicked off round one in Brisbane.

The Queensland Association of Quidditch tournament is a chance for the brightest witches and wizards to show off their skills in the fine art of Quidditch, a popular sport from the world of Harry Potter.

Although the Dementors often do USC proud they struggled on the day, only coming away with two wins from the four games.

The Dementors.

The day started with a win in a Coast vs Coast collision against the Gold Coast’s Grindylows, followed by valuable points picked up against the Australian Catholic University Paladins.

The day took a turbulent turn with back-to-back losses against the University of Queensland Dumblebees and the Queensland University of Technology Lycans. This marks the first time the Dementors had dropped an official match in two years of Queensland competition.

After the first round of play for the season USC sit fourth on the table, but if their history is anything to go by they won’t be there for long. They come from a background of success cradled by a strong home league.

First founded in 2014 the USC Quidditch League is now 60 plus strong and consists of six teams named Thestrals, Nargles, Phoenix, Death Eaters, the Basilisks and the Greybacks with the strongest broom riders being selected to form the USC representative team the Dementors.

The Dementors grasped glory in 2015 bringing back silver from the inaugural Unibattle tournament. They also embedded themselves in the history books, becoming the first Queensland team to be triumphant in national competition.

The USC Quidditch league trains on Mondays from 6pm. They run an intra-term competition on Wednesdays at 6pm on the campus’ rugby field one with all welcome to watch or witch up.  More details on the official Facebook page.

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