Thomasson prepares for lift-off

By Hayley Pointon

Sunshine Coast powerlifter Sam Thomasson is excited to have been invited to compete at the 2019 Arnold Classic in Melbourne after winning bronze at the Queensland strongest woman competition.

There has been no time to celebrate this achievement for Miss Thomasson as her preparation for the Classic is already underway.

Powerlifter Sam Thomasson has only competed in one strongwoman competition and placed third overall in Queensland. Photo: Sam Thomasson

“I’ve started now, and we basically just go through block phases to get a bit of beef on me then to build a bit of strength then we will start using the equipment,” Miss Thomasson said.

“There is only so much you can do in the gym, then you just trust to hell you can lift it on the day.”

The 2019 Arnold Classic Strongman and woman competition is the largest fitness expo in Australia with over 10,000 athletes competing.

This international event includes elements such as the yoke carry, a stone event, an overhead component, deadlifting and the farmer’s carry.

Miss Thomasson said she lacks experience with events such as these so her preparation for Arnolds would be longer and more intense.

“I haven’t had much experience in that specific sport and there are some women who have been in it for years,” Miss Thomasson said.

“It’s scary but very cool.”

Miss Thomasson has only competed in one other strongwoman competition – when she placed third overall in Queensland earlier this year.

“One of the ladies at my gym put me into this strong man comp and we kinda just winged it and trained for like six weeks,” Miss Thomasson said.

Miss Thomasson said that when her friend nominated her she did not realise it was a Queensland competition.

“Australia’s number one for my weight class was there so I got to compete against her,” Miss Thomasson said.

“That was very cool considering there was only like one point between first, second and third.”

Miss Thomasson’s coach Alana Curnow said she was an exceptional athlete who could really turn on when the time was right.

“I have a lot of time for Sam,” Miss Curnow said.

“She has the ability to really flick the switch competition day and give it her all.

“I expect some big things from her in strongman.”

Not only is Miss Thomasson focused on preparations for the 2019 Arnold Classic she is also juggling a university degree.

Miss Thomasson is a full-time student studying a bachelor of clinical exercise physiology at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

“Basically, it is the science behind exercise and more to do with rehabilitation with a bit of programming and sports psychology,” Miss Thomasson said.

“It’s really cool, but I’m hoping to go into more medical later on.”

Miss Thomasson is part of the university’s high-performance sport program where they offer assistance for training and studying.

“They are really good, but I’m not too involved as others are,” Miss Thomasson said.

“But I do utilise some of the facilities they offer, especially the study spaces.”

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