USC Cheer team’s fractured future

By Lillie Hull

Shortly after USC’s Cheer team held their first round of try outs for the year the season changed dramatically due to a series of cancellations.

In 2020 the team hoped to go to Nationals and the University Games, which are set to be held in Perth in August.

The team also planned to support the University’s local volleyball and basketball teams in their new seasons starting in May.

However, most of these plans have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and will be reviewed later in the year.

Coach Louise Skuthorpe, 24, has been competing in cheer for around 14 years and still has high hopes for her new team.

Ms Skuthorpe said cheer was all about having fun, getting out of your comfort zone and being part of the team.

“It’s very physical, it is hard, it’s not all bells and whistles,” Ms Skuthorpe said when addressing the new members.

“It’s a team sport you know it’s always fun, it’s a good laugh even when people get dropped… as long as no one gets seriously hurt.”

Ms Skuthorpe said that “over the years we’ve had a few injuries”.

“A couple years back we had someone that had to have surgery, due to face collision with another person and they fractured their cheek bone,” she said.

“Just last year someone hit the floor and fractured their spine.”

The team member who was injured has recovered and was able to graduate last year, yet it is still unknown if she can return to the sport.

The team has had its ups and downs and now with COVID-19 closing down USC’s sports programs and sporting events, they will have to take a break and wait to see when they can resume training.

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